Seventeen Fanfic [Spirit]


.Seventeen Fanfic. The school organized special camping for all of the students at a place called "Serenity Town".The students was very excited for the camp although some of them not but who care this place is called "Serenity" so it's worth to go.Right? People may think that place is the most calming place but what if the "Serenity" is just a word.Also,what if you don't find "Serenity" but you find "Hell".Damn,I'm sure people won't go there anymore even just a glance. This story is about where 13 students got together to solve the mystery about the town. But what if they not only solve the mystery but they also fell for each other? A/N I also update this story on watpadd!

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author: Amelialynn89

genre: Horror&Thriller

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