Self Will


SUMMARY----->> Due to connection with some condition Shiv caught in a accident and during this , his soul summon on other place . He want to return earth again but it seem not possible .Due to summon in soul form and adding with unforeseeable condition he will not able to cultivate as normal but He is a unpredictable man and always want to go different way, so this is not difficult and different situation for him , may be impossible for other but for Shiv his will is so strong and hard which make him go in a different way and This way make him different and slot stronger. Creating way for self is like experiment on self , How Shiv overcome obstacles and move on , Let see . AUTHOR Hello friends , I come to point directly ..This novel will be different from your other martial and cultivation novel ...Why Because 1.I am going to use New power and cultivation system and with that not only it's Name change but It's also change properties and yes you will find something common word like space law. transportation and etc but this is universal word which can't be change , you can't describe water as fire so may be you find common word . 2. I am going to use Hindu mythology and if you know about India, you know when come to number of Hindu god , we have in billion ?. I also hope if any Indian or Hindu's god believer here please don't get offend or to happy. 3. You will also find all type of mythical creature in this novel ,( not only from China like dragon or phoenix etc) but from all over world because it's my interest . 4. I am interest all type of culture and their living so you will see and find to culture from different different countries . 5. This novel Gonna be mix of everything . ??? NOW TALK ABOUT MC Sorry in Advance if you expecting he is super duper overpowered MC , he will be Strong but I am fair to all , I will torture MC a lot , why MC enjoy It's life when I am going through so much MC will be lucky as other MC but one thing , he have which neither of MC have , He will face defeat with open arm and Up head and then learn from mistake and move forward in its way . He will complain , He will cry , He will failed many times , He will broke , He will think for give up but at last , He will know He have only thing that is himself. He will in love , He have dream .....He will be as us . And you can suggest your idea also by comment or any other means , I will try to implement it.

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author: shubhamshiv

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