Seekers [BL]


It can take a lifetime to recover from just one bad day... ...26-year-old Gamman Terrathor and his father are part of the outward-facing communications team of seekers that searches space for signs of permanent artificial intelligence from other worlds. The same day Gamman's boyfriend is caught making forbidden contact with an alien, his father and brother are mysteriously attacked in the underground. Facing losses he was ill-prepared to handle, he is suddenly thrust into the role of the head of his mother's house. Will he be able to protect his family as it is being pulled apart by alien forces? Who, exactly, was his father, and why is the Tharig - the planetary artificial intelligence - hiding information about what happened?

Associated Names

author: thoriesleeps

genre: LGBT+

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel The Light 2020/07/06
webnovel Yagi 2020/07/06
webnovel Forced Hand 2 2020/07/06
webnovel Forced Hand 1 2020/07/06
webnovel Small Arms 2020/07/06
webnovel Dinner - Patchek 2020/07/06
webnovel Shido Pipe 2020/07/06
webnovel Gift 2020/07/06
webnovel Lovers 2020/06/29
webnovel Idiot 2020/06/29
webnovel Playtime 2020/06/29
webnovel Sabos 2020/06/29
webnovel Shadows 2020/06/29
webnovel Smack 2020/06/29
webnovel Trainee 2020/06/26