Secret Love:Beautiful Misunderstood Bride


China is forced to become a maid to the Aurora family,one of the wealthiest families in the country by her father and stepmother. China is treated very badly by the Aurora family because she is unjustly blamed for the eldest son's elopement with her step sister. Knowing that China wouldn't be treated fairly, her family still decided to force her into working as a maid because of the money, they'd get,she was never loved anyway. There's no one in the family who hates her more than Alvin Aurora, the most handsome and eligible bachelor around. He treats her with so much contempt and never misses a chance to mock her and her family. She feels so suffocated whenever he's around but finds out she has some feelings for him when she saves him from an accident. She is treated a little better than before but her life soon takes an ironic twist due to a plot by a gold digger. Alvin after being drugged by his girlfriend's best friend, rapes China subconsciously. The truth is found out and in order to preserve their honour and reputation, Alvin is forced to marry China by his parents. Once again,she is accused of being a gold digger like her sister when she is even the victim. Once more, she is punished by Alvin in their whirlwind marriage but can things change when Alvin realizes he has feelings for her? Will he apologize and tell her on time or will it be too late for them?

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author: Bademosi_Catherine

genre: Contemporary Romance

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