Secret Garden


In a world between wolves and humans lies an incomplete soul. She lives as a hybrid along side her father and friends. She neither feels human nor wolf, so what is she then? Iris's life changes with a twist as she encounters a strange man in her own 'Secret Garden'. Since then many challenges were faced. However were those challenges meant to be good or bad? This sudden twist of fate has begun a new circle of life. ************* I do not own the cover page. Credit goes to the creator. I tried to put my own cover page, but it didn't let me so this was all I could do. If you are the owner of this picture please tell me if you want me to take it down

Associated Names

author: Usagikiran

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Empty Promises 2020/06/29
webnovel Irreversible Mistake 2020/06/08
webnovel Disastrous Encounter 2020/06/08
webnovel Special encounter 2020/06/08
webnovel A New Era 2020/06/08
webnovel Prologue 2020/06/08