Rewriting Her Story


Her dream came true and now she's an actress. The love of her life promised her that they will get married as soon as she came back, but things don't go as they plan. Yang Jia caught her fiancé cheating on her and now she's thrown to bottom of the abyss, but wait who's that?... Her savior!! Liang Guozhi the man most feared in the entire country. Age twenty-three and the most handsome bachelor there is. No women could ever get to his heart except for that little girl in the forest. What would happen if one day, they were to meet again? Liang Guozhi: "I'll make you fall in love with me, if is the last thing I do" he approached her, their lips almost touching. Yang Jia: Chuckled "There is only one man in my heart" looked at Duke and glanced back at Liang Guozhi "Let's see what he'll say" Duke: Roared and looked at Liang Guozhi threatening. Liang Guozhi: Never taking his eyes off her "I won't loose without a fight" Yang Jia: Giggled "Let's see about that"

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author: KatyPlayz

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