Reincarnation of Historian in God Era with Bio Chip.


A Historian is a guide whose role was to guide humanity since the era of God and most Knowledgeable person among the Ancient God's and Demon, in front of their knowledge whole assembly of God's and demons were to kneel if he was passing by. In reality, Historian was not a single entity but was a whole organisation in which they had been collecting information from various worlds from various eras and various dimensions. A guy named Chen of unknown origin was also one of the famous and reputed Historians in the history of the organisation. For Historian knowledge was everything and did not dwell in the pleasure of life, walking in the path of solitude but one day a child blessed by Chen fallen by the act of a Demon King, even when he had requested to Demon King, Chen exploded out on the anger and ended up wiping out the whole the mankind from the dimension, after that place was developed and was called Earth where magic and all the things related to it was prohibited from the usage. Chen who looked at the Earth develop from the void world which was nill of any knowledge, He was finally sentenced to descend to a lower plane to repent in form of life, so his journey when was about to begin a friend of his requested all the Historian to help him and gave a benefit for helping them out all this time, he was given a chip which was created by his friend for all his life as he decided the lower world. DeviantArt is the real artist of the img and I am only currently using for short period of time is allowed by the artist.

Associated Names

author: IwanttoKill

genre: Fantasy

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