Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer


In the 21st century Earth gave Birth to greatest genius ever. A genius who Master myriad of arts. Medicine to Engineering. Mathematics to Micro Biology. Weapon Designing to Environmental control. Music to Painting. Dance to Martial arts. He mastered Everything. He created so many things to help mankind such that he got the title 'Greatest Creator'. But what if he cant get justice for the loss of his loved one due to some political reasons? What if the governments which he served are trying to shield the criminals just because they are rich? Well, the Greatest creator turned into 'Greatest Destroyer'. He got his Revenge But the price is he is dead before realising his full potential. . . . What if he gets a Second chance with all the knowledge he gained in his life. A second life in a different world where a different energy exists? Where humans can reach heavens with this energy? What if he comes to this world where he dont have to bother about all the constraints limiting the technology on modern earth? follw the journey of Sam.. . . Follow me on Instagram @suryaboddus

Associated Names

author: Suryaboddu

genre: Magical Realism

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Lure 2022/01/04
webnovel Disciple 2022/01/04
webnovel Rupurn 2022/01/04
webnovel Butlers Suggestion 2022/01/04
webnovel Outburst 2022/01/04
webnovel Amateur 2022/01/04
webnovel Abominations 2022/01/04
webnovel Sending Wrong Information 2022/01/01
webnovel Second Subsidiary 2022/01/01
webnovel On to the Next 2021/12/31
webnovel Breeding ground 2021/12/31
webnovel Venting 2021/12/31
webnovel Destiny 2021/12/31
webnovel Weird Blonde 2021/12/31
webnovel Sivan's Curiosity 2021/12/31
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