Ray of sunlight on winter


Keinichi Anderson, a mix of a Caucasion father and a Japanese mother was a coldman. He was born at rich family from both side of his parents. Since he grew up alone while his parents was to busy with their business, he had alot of things that were hidden. He never show any interest with woman until he met a little girl that was exactly had opposite personality. Charlene Feng was just a normal girl. She was born ar a normal working family as the youngest with elder sibling. She was raised in Australia while her parents had a strong Asian culture. As the youngest, She was spoiled by her siblings to the max. He did not talk much while she was flabbermount. He was mature while she was childlish. He was an independent man while she was spoiled by her family. He was rich and successfull man full of secret while she was just an ordinary girl who was very open with out any secrets. The only similarity between them was they was very low profile. Did he really fall for her ? How could two people with different personality be together ? Would cultural differences made a gap between ? Did Social status bring another problem ? Could she stand by him andd be his source of courage ? would they have an happy ending? Disclaimer I don't own the cover picture. Full credit for the one that created it. If there was any similarity of name, It is purely coinsident.

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author: Fiskasaca27

genre: Romance

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