Queen of The Dark Returns For Revenge


She is a cruel ruthless lady who is known for her vicious nature. She ruled over the underworld of the entire Europe making people shiver in fear with just her name. Just like her nickname "Queen Of The Dark" she comes in the darkness and kills then fades away with the darkness. But till the date no one has ever seen her face. She was just like the devil who had crawled from the depth of the hell. But she was killed by her the only person she had trusted in the entire world. He took away her crown and then became the King of the Underworld. He just kept her alive to see how he had taken her entire life's hard work. He then took away her powers and her subordinates. She then laughed and spat his face like a queen which she was and said, "I am the Queen of the Underworld and will always remain. HAHAHA I will even kill the King of Hell just to come back and get my revenge." Who knew the ruthless queen will be reborn as the useless eldest miss of the Zhao family, Zhao Daiyu. The Zhao family is one the wealthiest family of the entire China. After her rebirth she swore to kill the bastard who killed her and then rightfully take the crown which belongs to her. Then in her journey to her revenge she met the eldest son of the Lu family, Lu Yang who is the King of the Underworld of Asia.

Associated Names

author: BinitaKarki

genre: Romance

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