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Leon was once the son of the Divine Medicine King in the Divine Realm and led a spoiled lifestyle of a young master under the protection of his father. During his teenage years, despite having a childhood sweetheart, he was schemed against and corrupted by his best friend, tasting the forbidden fruit in the brothel and drowned himself in the whirlpool of pleasure. After two years, his father managed to pull him back out, his life was already ruined. A rift had been created between him and his childhood sweetheart. Although, he no longer indulged himself and his childhood sweetheart didn’t blame him, he was never able to overcome the guilt he felt and continued to lead a mediocre life without any great achievements to his name. One day, news of the heavenly treasure, the Book of Life, which was in the possession of the Divine Medicine King and might potentially hold the secrets to everlasting life, was made known to the entire Divine Realm. The allure of the heavenly treasure attracted the greed of other Divine Kings and the father-son duo was soon plotted against and forced to death. Before their deaths, his father sacrificed himself to send his soul through the cycle of reincarnation. Being granted a second chance a life, Leon sworn to avenge his father and not live a mediocre life. Despite the challenges and hardships awaiting him in the second life, His rise to the top will not be stopped. ======================== Alternative Sypnosis: "You have to take responsibility!" "What? I was just feeling your pulse!" "You have to take responsibility!" "It was an accident! I didn't touch it on purpose!" "Why are these women trying to throw themselves at me? Please let me cultivate in peace! I need to take revenge for my father!" Being granted a second chance at life, Leon sworn to one day, kill his way back into the Divine Realm and avenge his father, the Divine Medicine King after they were plotted by the other greedy Divine Kings, lusting after his father's heavenly treasure, the Book of Life, which may be the key to everlasting life. ============================ **Disclaimer** Credits to MikeWe for the cover page. Thanks a lot!

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author: Pointbreak

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