Only I Can Enter The Hidden Dungeon


# magician # great swordsman Many years ago, the gates which connected the current world and other dimensions were opened. Because of that, the world experienced mutation. Humans awakened to different abilities and they started hunting demonic beasts. These people were called mutants. Many demonic beasts appeared due to the mutation of the world and along with their appearance were the dungeons. One would be rewarded with magical crystals and other lucrative rewards when they successfully cleared the dungeons. There were also chances for them to acquire more powerful equipment and weapons. Ye Tianyu was initially an ordinary transmigrant. One day, he suddenly realized that he could access the hidden dungeon. He would be rewarded with a hidden job class and even more bountiful rewards if he cleared the missions in the hidden dungeon. After Ye Tianyu cleared the hidden dungeon, he activated the hidden job class [Dark Tyrant]. [The only hidden job class is detected. Do you want to specialize in this job? If you choose yes, you will not be able to select any other job class.] Without hesitating, Ye Tianyu chose to specialize in the hidden job class. [Name: Ye Tianyu] [Dark Tyrant] [Occupation: Dark Magic Summoner] [Specialization: 1] [Introduction: You are the tyrant who commands the dark forces. After you kill your opponents, you can summon their souls and draft them into your army. The higher the magical points you have, the more soldiers you can summon.]

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author: Evil Dragon Versus Hero

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