One step, All Is Ruined


[pls note this may not contain too much logic owo/ and .. well i'm not sure myself how this will develop owo;; ] Orion, a young half elf half demon, was a harmless little demon lord from a fantasy world. He does not harm people or creatures, never met them or talk to them, and are exceedingly shy. One day as he rest leisurely in his cottage deep hidden in a desolate dark forest, while drinking some fresh milk, a group of heroic adventures comes and killed this harmless little demon lord. ...Orion doesnt exactly mind, as he had lived in this world for long enough, so he accepted his death calmly. he thought he died, but when he opens his eyes, he woke up at an empty white place. He heard a somewhat mechanical voice spoke, "welcome host to System 088. Kindly complete the task in the world to be able to return to your original world." orion, not able to ask, was sent to his first world right after.

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author: Aniel_Clorwine

genre: Fantasy Romance

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