Of Swords and Gems


Of Swords and Gems is a character rich, high fantasy. In a time of near world peace, King Ranun Spring dedicates his life to maintain it. However, the world soon lets him know that true world peace is impossible. He, alongside many others, must make difficult situations, especially when an unknown prophet finds her way in the middle of things.

Associated Names

author: Echo7

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Arc 1: Part 5 2020/10/02
webnovel Arc 1: Part 4 2020/10/02
webnovel Arc 1: Part 3b 2020/10/02
webnovel Arc 1: Part 3 2020/10/02
webnovel Arc 1: Part 2 2020/10/02
webnovel Arc 1: Part 1 2020/10/02

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