This story is about a boy named Aldrin Seldom, he's a 16-year-old and living in the squatter area at the Rangalia city. Apparently, the first Princess got an accident and Aldrin was there and save her. After saving her, he got a mysterious power within his body and still unknown what it is capable of. So Aldrin got into the fight for unknown reasons, everything is unknown reason until he realizes what he was fighting for. On the magic side, Nai is the main character and she keeps finding where is the peaceful place to hide from the longest war that happened 500 years ago, she keeps running to the war to find happiness but someone made her realized that peace can only be made by fighting it, to defend that peace, so Nai trained herself to be stronger and fight for her own freedom.

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author: RedBerylUnk

genre: Sci-fi

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webnovel Chapter 2: All Bad People was a Victim 2020/06/23
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webnovel Afterword 2020/06/20
webnovel Living in a Lie. Page 4 2020/06/20
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