My mother is The most Powerful Immortal!


A young man got reincarnated as the the only child of the most powerful Celestial Immortal in the most powerful upper realm among thousands of other realm Due to his mother whom also is a grand elder of the Infinity Dragon sect one of if not the most feared and respected sect in the "Dawn" upper realm his status in the sect is essentially a prince. enjoying life of luxury and fame he thought nothing could go wrong! until one day when his mother brought him to the lower region of the upper realm to look for a maid since apparently sometimes people with rare body will appear on the on this territories But when his mother forcefully took a random girl from a small village to be his maid suddenly a young man screamed at them "Thirty years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi! I will get her back!" When hearing this the young man suddenly realized that he is a villainous young master! "shit! no wonder my status is so high turn out I am a villain young master and my mother is the last boss! but I refused to be stepping stone for those damned 'sons of luck'!" come with me on this journey of the villainous young master to the path of supermacy while stepping on those so called sons of luck on his way! . . . . . . . . . This will be my first time writing a proper story so I apologize for spelling mistakes since English is my 2nd language

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author: Rizomata

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