My Mom in Another World


THIS WORKS IS VERY EXTREME FOR SOME PEOPLE. DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE INCEST AND NETORI. DON'T SPAM 1 STAR IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT! --- Mangaka transported to another world, he didn't receive a cheat, an artifact, or old grandpa but a loving and beautiful mom. What will his mom do? Beat him? Teach him? Loving him? Whatever all he wants is just to leave peacefully and become a boy toy. But his mom won't allow it. --- The cover isn't mine, it's from Barakamon, Emi Handa, I'll probably change it in the future. --- A kid shouldn't read.

Associated Names

author: akikan40

genre: Magical Realism

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webnovel Horror Child Actress 2020/03/17
webnovel The Colosseum 2020/03/17
webnovel Teacher or Hooligan? 2020/03/17
webnovel Entrance Speech 2020/03/17
webnovel On the way.. 2020/03/17
webnovel Battle with Robbers 2020/03/17
webnovel Cult of MILF Vs Order of Loli 2020/03/17
webnovel Threat 2020/03/17
webnovel Continue? 2020/03/17
webnovel Disturbing 2020/03/17
webnovel Dreaded 2020/03/17
webnovel Boss.... 2020/03/17
webnovel My Big Sword 2020/03/17
webnovel Siscon 2020/03/17
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