My Demon :Book one


"I knew it wasn't good to get attached. But I couldn't help it. There was something about him that I just craved, and admired." Zenaya lives in the Kingdom Daeyalus. Where a demon king controls the humans and demons alike. On the caste system, they are condemned the lowest, females the lowest of the low. The only ones that treated them decent were the males. Everyone else despised them. As a young child she was given up to a brothel for money, too young to be taught anything useful, she was a burden. However, her life starts to change as she meets someone unexpected and her entire world will no longer be the same. Join Zenaya on this journey to discover a new life and the adventure of a lifetime as you read on and find out what happens when certain things become amiss.

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author: gottalovethatart

genre: Fantasy Romance

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