My Clever Wife Is Sweet


Su Xi, the eldest daughter of the influential Su family falls in love with an orphan Ye Huo. After 18 years, they are happily married with three lovely children. But one day, Ye Huo is shot, leaving everything to Su Xi to manage including their business. To safeguard her children and herself from the enemy, she ran to states with her children. ...... After 2 years, Su Xi is a successful business woman who is feared in business world because of her way of dealing with work and people. She is trying to find the killer of her husband. But what happen when she meets a man who has SAME FACE as that of her husband who died 2 years ago? Why that person is claiming himself to be Gu Yan? Is that really her husband or her enemies are playing a trick on her to bring her down? Will she be able to fight with her enemies and bring her husband's memory back? Will she be able to endure the betrayals of her loved ones? **** The Cover isn't mine, its copyrights goes to its original owner.

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author: Amaira_Knight

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