Monkey King is a Mafia Lord


Beloni better known as Babylon is the capital city of dreams and nightmares. It is divided into three sections, the third and outermost part being not only the slums but home to a boy who strongly believes that the government is hiding superpowers. Monke is a boy who once lived in the inner circle of Babylon, but his mother was killed he was relocated to Babylon 3rd where he joined a mafia family called Divinity. He is now in highschool and has only 3 goals, to find the person who killed his mother, turn his neighbourhood into a place without fear and lastly to find out what the government is hiding. WPC please vote.

Associated Names

author: jordiMaverick_bW

genre: Martial Arts

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webnovel The boys 2021/01/27
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webnovel GRID FORCE 2020/12/01
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webnovel The inside job 2020/10/17
webnovel Mechanical lever 2020/10/17
webnovel Witchcraft 2020/10/17
webnovel Creamy Intruder 2020/10/14
webnovel Metropolice 2020/10/14
webnovel Look at it,This is sci fi now 2020/10/14
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