Mistaken Identity


Isabella Hendrix, a she-wolf awaiting her mate. The Alpha of Nightmeadows happened to be her mate. It was suppose to be the best day ever yet it turned for the worst. Rejected and shunned as if she was a harlot, Isabella runs. A fresh rogue running into the abyss of the forest aimlessly running to forget her old life. Isabella Hendrix was no more. Kayden Night, King of all Werewolves. He has been waiting for his second chance mate for years now, but is slowly losing hope. Almost giving in to his father's demands, a rogue shows up in his kingdom. A rogue who so happened to be his second chance mate. (NOVEL ALSO ON WATTPAD)

Associated Names

author: TuesdayKnight

genre: Fantasy Romance

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel CHAPTER 10 - CURRENTLY 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 9 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 8 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 7 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 6 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 5 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 4 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 3 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 2 2020/08/30
webnovel CHAPTER 1 2020/08/30
webnovel PROLOGUE 2020/08/30

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