Max Stats in the Apocalypse


Roger Wyles, in his third life in an apocalyptic world, faces different situations where he is uninterested. Now that his stats are at their max, how should he control his power in this apocalyptic world where beasts rampage and put humans in danger? "Ah... I forgot about you. It has been 80 years after all."  His first life was on Earth, his second life was in a different world, and now in his third life, he is back on Earth. Just what kind of phenomena is this? In the apocalypse, what is the best way to control his overpowered self? --- Unstable updates but will try to update twice a week. Expect exciting action. img:

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author: yohananmikhael

genre: Magical Realism

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webnovel Chapter 35 2022/01/04
webnovel Chapter 34 2022/01/04
webnovel Chapter 33 2021/12/31
webnovel Chapter 32 2021/12/31
webnovel Chapter 31 2021/12/25
webnovel Chapter 30 2021/12/25
webnovel Chapter 29 2021/12/22
webnovel Chapter 28 2021/12/19
webnovel Chapter 27 2021/12/19
webnovel Chapter 26 2021/12/16
webnovel Chapter 25 2021/12/13
webnovel Chapter 24 2021/12/10
webnovel Chapter 23 2021/12/07
webnovel Chapter 22 2021/12/04
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