Maero Of The Forest


Maero is a Troll with a ravenous desire to kill sentient life just like any other Troll in the forest he calls home. But one day, through the schemes of a bored God, he gets hit with a bolt of lightning while scouting his territory. This somehow leaves our troll friend with the memories of a mercenary from another world! How will this change the fate of Maero? And what would his now human levels of intelligence cause? Find out on the next episode of Dra[redacted] Z! Please try to reread the first few chapters in case you missed something. This story is my first one so I might edit a bit in the first few hours of a chapter being posted. Otherwise, you can wait and just let them accumulate since I won't start the next chapter without being satisfied with the one before it!

Associated Names

author: Herracross

genre: Fantasy

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