Love’s complex


Naila was not a person that would catch your eye. Her looks wouldn't in any way be burned into a persons mind nor was her body that of a model. Her whole life she didn't feel as if she could fit in into any cliques or groups. Though having many close friends and could befriend virtually anyone, her mood could switch too rapidly to be able to feel like she belonged, being social and extroverted one moments to being reclusive and introverted the next. When she meets a group of "friends" she feels like she might be happier then she has ever been. There are a few problems along the way but a major one seems to stick out of the mud. Over time Naila becomes close with these people and can't help but be even more confused as she gains some newfound feelings. This is a slow burn story.

Associated Names

author: Meenieminniemae

genre: LGBT+