Light of Elementa


In the world of Elementa is where users live. By users, it means Wind Users, Water Users, Earth Users, and Fire Users. Each person has each element to manipulate. But then, oddly, an individual is born who manipulates ALL of them. She is Aoi Mina, now the hero of the world of Elementa, known for defeating the greedy Earth King. Oka story-tells this to Hikari, and Hikari loves it so much, especially Aoi Mina. But in turns of events, Hikari and Oka gets transferred to the world of Elementa. Who knew that the book's content was a real world? What will happen? Who will they meet? Are people there evil such as the Earth King, or pure-hearted such as the great Aoi Mina? Is only fire, water, earth, and air all there is to manipulate? Why did they even get in the book in the first place?

Associated Names

author: Murasaki_Hoshi

genre: Fantasy Romance

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