King's Harem


Introduction: My name is agathokakological Hi fellow men of culture I am a noob writer, just wanted to write my own fantasies of ero novels synopsis: This story is about ciel and his journy to become king to protect the one his loves and hold dear. our mc has no sex knowledge. I think it will become a little different from most of the novel if the protagonist has no sex knowledge. This is a slow paced novel. might contain bdsm, master slave relationship, netori and other kinky tags but no NTR rest easy (who can steals king's wifes??) contains psudo incest. read at your own risk Discord: join my discord for giving me your suggestions and remarks. i will update on discord characters pics as they are intoduced This novel is inspired by an another novel with the name of pure love x insult complex

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author: Agathokakological8

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