HUH WHAT! are you f.... kidding me I'm born poor?! for that stupid god of luck to make me this way I will sue you to the court of gods when i meet you! oh well this is also a good start, FROM RAGS TO RICHES!!! opening god panel -Jack Kinsmith race: human age-1 lvl-0 attack/strength-0.4 speed-0.5 defense-0.6 inteligence-870 hp-5 mana-### tittle: traveler affinity: null100% resistance: basic heat- 100% innate ability: ->[rank2] learner 2%- effect: faster learning additional effect: mana and intelligence acquisition -upgraded from rank 1memorized- [upgrade requirement not met] ->[rank5] adaptation -cell evolution effect: 70%debuff effectivity for the first time and immunity for the second time. {level 5 spells bellow} -upgraded from rank 3 adept- [upgrade possible] -the cover photo is not mine -->using it for now cuz i cant upload the one i have at home contact me in discord :D => https://discord.gg/AVDwmmC

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author: KINZCI

genre: Fantasy

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