Into The Demon Apocalypse: Hell On Earth


Damian Cross has never been the normal type. He doesn't have interest in the mundane things of the world and has no desires. He lives a normal life and has a white-collar job as a professional surgeon and has enough 'favour' from people and got pushed to the rank of Director in just a 2 months from the time he started working in one of the biggest hospitals in New York. He suffers mentally and emotionally practically because he 'cannot' suffer emotionally or mentally. He can be said to be the most perfect human in this current era. The only emotion he could likely have is the feeling of happiness when he creates some kind of havoc or chaos. His life takes a full 360 when someone he chatted with on social media but didn't know granted his one and only 'wish'. His wish was the most kind and genuine to the extent no normal human will ever have. What he wished for is not the downfall of humanity but will be the cause of it. Read the first chapter to know Damian's wish. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hey Mr.Lollipop here and what can I say, this novel is gonna be pure art. I'm joining the contest so I need your votes so we can rise to the top and win this. have a lollipop, you're gonna need it after reading this novel. NOTE: THIS NOVEL IS STRICTLY RATED 'PARENTAL GUIDANCE'. if you dream about stuff it isn't my fault.

Associated Names

author: MrLollip0p

genre: Magical Realism

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