Imperial Mages


Magic was known to Earth since its beginning. But the communities those could use magic frequently tried to take control over those which could not. Years passed by, revolts arose and finally the mages and non-mages made a peace treaty, which they followed by heart. The mages and non-mages live in peace with each other. Mages use magic to protect and empower the non-mages. But all these did not happen in a day. It took time for each of the groups to come to terms with each other. But even now weaker mages are mocked at by others. "The present and future is always influenced by the past...." Aster, a high school student,who is one among the weakest mages, finds out about a magical explosion in the mountains of Benzua. No one listens to him until, there are attacks from mages from another dimension. Now Aster has a responsibility to stop those mages and save their world. And foremost, know what they want from earth. Aster and his friends have to develop their abilities to face those demon-natured, human-faced mages from the other world. Aster's discoveries about the mages from other dimension have roots deep in his soul. Aster empowers himself unlocking different spells which were not known to others to save the world from a forth coming disaster. He has to rise to the top to stop those mages. Can he do that? Or will he remain weak forever? Or is he really that weak?

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author: lavender_rain

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