I Want To Turn Back Time!


The daughter of the Marquis, Gu Qingye(古晴叶) is a mischievous girl who often sneaks out and is also a troublemaker. "I will do what I want! No one can stop me! HAHAHAHA!" After saying that, she hops off from the roof of the Marquis' residence that she was grounded in and ran off onto the streets. Soon after, you can hear people yelling... Oh have I not mention that this is a world of cultivation? Survival of the fittest? Well, I guess our female lead just could not be bothered to care about such things. That is, until that very day... Please support and comment! The cover does not belong to me, all rights and credits goes to the owner. This is my first book so please don't mind the grammar mistakes! Or you can just comment about them and I will try to fix them as fast as possible.

Associated Names

author: SleepingMist24

genre: History