I Slipped into Another World and Became this Demonic Guy's Pet


Nastasia Mikhailovna Vasilieva, an Irish-Russian American, a jack of all trades, and now a world slipper... After having been betrayed by a colleague, Nastasia finds herself slipping into an ancient Chinese-like parallel world. Attacked by the people and chased by soldiers for being a Red Demon she happens upon a demonically bewitching man. If it weren't for the fact she couldn't understand a lick of what was being said, she never would have become his pet. Throwing out a smile that entailed nothing good, he threw out a sultry... "Come, my dear pet, help me warm the bed." "Ah," she bemoaned, "I know 5 languages, why couldn't one of them have been Chinese!" Follow along as Nastasia overcomes languages barriers, wretched schemes, and a supernatural demon that can't keep his hands to himself. ------------------- Updates 1 chapter every day Mon-Fri generally around noon (MST) If you are moved to do so, please support me on my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/saoirse24

Associated Names

author: Saoirse

genre: Romance

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