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another work published by me {My Cartoonist Guide}  Chu Yu, a senior two-dimensional fan, a dead house in the eyes of others, and a cheating comic book author in the eyes of readers! On that day, he obtained the system that carries many excellent comic works on the parallel world earth... and began his life as a comic artist who considered himself a legend, but was actually a silly comic artist! Reader A, "Teacher, please, please finish drawing the full-time hunter first and then open a new hole? It's been three years, and three years later, three years have been opened for ten years. You want me Will my son burn me the full-time hunter's final chapter?" Reader B, "Old thief Chuyu, you know what a fart cl. If you don't resurrect Furukawa, I will send you the blade tomorrow!" Reader C, "Hehe, Xiangbei is down !" It's over in the top eight in the country? Chu Yu Lao Kengbi, do you want to pass by saying "the dream of youth is imperfect"? I swear, I will die for your works in the future, outside of death, from my house If I jump down, I won’t look at it again!" if you would like to make a donation-----PayPal: [email protected]

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author: Rak_MTL

genre: Magical Realism

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