How to Survive As a Villain - By Yi Yi Yi Yi


Xiao Yu’an was reincarnated into a novel. As a cut-sleeve teen emperor. ​Terrible, so sad. Because of this, Xiao Yu’an does his best to continue living. But! It’s fine if you guys want to fantasize about the male lead, but can you stop trying to climb into his bed? Yes he does treat the male lead well, but that’s only because he needs that main character halo!! Xiao Yu’an: “Stop abusing the male lead!!! You guys aren’t scared but I wanna live!!!” A story that starts out with Shou taking care of the Gong, then Gong takes care of the Shou. Associated Names HSAV TBNTB To Be or Not To Be 穿成囚禁男主的反派要如何活命 穿越成反派要如何活命

Associated Names

author: AChan

genre: History