Hitman Hitman Garden


ヒットマンヒットマンガーデン "I don't see myself being a hero..." "I'm not a fuckin hero..." "They see us, the Hitmen, as heroes? Imagine." All over the world, certain people are chosen to become Hitmen when they are born, giving them superhuman strength, speed, agility, and stamina. These "Hitmen" are automatically assigned all types of weapons that are connected to their soul due to their bloodline, and they appear whenever needed, giving the user temporary tattoos whenever used. Throughout the planet,  human like monsters known as "Phantoms",  appear everywhere from the dark realm unannounced, and are taken down by "Hitmen" organizations. But the Phantoms aren't the only threat, there are still Hitmen out there in the world that abuse their gifted abilities for evil, but the associations take care of them too. In modern day Tokyo Japan, 2026, a 16 year old boy named Kyoto Nakamura with a very dark past  resides there. But one day, another dark event takes place with Kyoto, and he decides to join the "Garden", an orginaztion where superhuman Hitmen are placed on a team, taking care of Phantoms and villians who abuse their gifted power. But...getting into the Garden isn't as easy as he thought. WARNING : My light novel contains intense sequences of brutal violence, gore, dark and disturbing elements, and pervasive language. if your a wuss, don't read this.

Associated Names

author: joshualinton_

genre: Martial Arts

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