Hi Shorty


“huff…stingy man” she said with anger. “Hi Shorty…wanna be mine” he said giggling. Su Lou past life was simple, she was in explorer and adventure lover, she travelled the world to resolve his mystery, she die by running car to reincarnation as the trucker young miss at the merchandise Su family, under the same past name “Su Lou”, all the thing were alright until she discovered that she’s been born in novel she love the most, not as heroine but side character that gonna die in the male lead hands “Prince Rong Lee Xie” as sacrifice to his lover “Princess Lui Min Yaya”. Follow Su Lou comical romance adventure to find away to save her life and change her fate. Author: :) Please support me ; this novel is my first ever thing to write, so please comment and share your thoughts with me ; I will be happy; thanks for your support . • Sorry guys for the grammar faults. • English is my third language. • The book picture is not mine; I get it from the web.

Associated Names

author: MaKaReM_Dj

genre: Historical Romance