Hero of The World


A story of an ordinary youth Named Ned who got transmigrated -with a cheat power named The Origin Space- into a new world that he knows nothing about. He would explore this new world using the many abilities he will gain from the space and conquer regions no man ever stepped into before, and one day he will be hailed by all as "the Hero of The World". The journy of Ned will be filled with fights, from small time bandit groups, up until natural disaster level mythical beasts and godlike evil beings. Tags: Harem - Game elements - Fantasy world [[[ A/N: This is my first time writing a story, and i'm writing in English even tho it isn't my first language, however iam quite good at it and there will be no unreadable content, at worst just some typos. But still take it easy on me :) This story is original, one i had thought of, and it will have multiple love interests around 3 and all original, and the MC will be overpowered at one point, it's just that he would still work hard to get strong. If you like, or find something wrong in the story please tell me. Above all : enjoy reading :) ^cover photo not mine^ I will do my own cover photo though, probably once i write about 30~40 chapters. Or if the novel gets popular enough, then much earlier. ]]]

Associated Names

author: Apatheticc

genre: Fantasy

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