Heidi and the Lord


[COMPLETED] Tags: Romance, Forbidden love, Supernatural, Fantasy, Dark "I can't do this, Lord Nicholas," she said looking up to meet his eyes now, "Whatever is going on...This...needs to stop now," she could feel her voice trying to get caught in her throat due to the blubbering feelings she had tried to hide which was brand new to her. When Nicholas began walking towards her, she gulped. She didn't know what word of hers had irked him but he no longer was smiling. She took a couple of steps back to maintain a good distance from him which didn't work because of the cupboard that blocked her from taking another step behind. "Heidi," Nicholas spoke her name with such tenderness that it made her melt. She was ashamed at the lack of will power she had on her feelings, "Do you know what you're speaking?" "What?" She asked him confused. "I cannot do what you're asking for. Ah, this is the one he gifted you, isn't it?" Heidi felt Nicholas' fingers run across her neck where the necklace settled making her heart hitch, "It was brought from the sea of South empire. Mythweald is famous for its exquisite jewellery after all. Looks quite lovely on you," he said hooking his finger over the necklace while tugging it slightly to see it's strength, "But I think you will look better without it, don't you think?" with that, the Lord tugged the necklace in one snap making the pearls bounce softly on the floor. The year 1847 Heidi was an adopted child, where one of the Duke had been generous enough to take her in. A girl, who when grew up had no idea that she would be the political bridge between the two empires. A marriage with the East Lord's relative. Lord Nicholas with his gentle appearance and behaviour made him the White King of the Empire. A man who was the kindest to the souls around him, with only a few who knew what laid beneath that beautiful mask. What happens when a girl is responsible for bringing out the worst and the best out of him? Especially when it's his cousin's fiancee.

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author: ash_knight17

genre: Fantasy Romance

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