Godslayer's Legend


The gods have been the rulers of most universes for billions of years, some being benevolent while some being malevolent .When there’s suddenly a prophecy about the coming of a being who can potentially bring an end to their rule, There’s no way they’ll let such a being exist. This is the story of that being as he rises up to fight against the gods who wish to end him and discovers other powerful entities and horrors that lurk in the cosmos. ------------------------------------------- Discord Link : https://discord.gg/5QH26WPsZM ------------------------------------------- Support Me : https://ko-fi.com/michae_l ------------------------------------------- Although many may think this story begins on a high note, worry not, things would flow normally soon after. I'm new to writing so i hope you all would support me on this journey. I'm hoping for your review on what you think about the book. Constructive criticisms are allowed too. Credits to the Image Artist. If the image is yours and you do not want me using it Kindly DM DISCLAIMER! This novel is a work of fiction and though it draws inspiration from historical places and events, it is by no means meant to be an realistic representation of any current or historical events, places cultures or people. The story may contain themes and events that may be disturbing to some people and if you are "triggered" by pretty much anything at all, It may not be suitable for you as I will not limit myself in terms of themes, events or topics while writing.

Associated Names

author: _michael

genre: Fantasy

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