Roki Helbern, an agricultural student working on a final project. However, his normal life changes when he finds a mysterious object dropped in the front yard of the house. That thing suddenly injected three black liquids when it touched it. The liquid made his body mutate into a mutant. Then, it sent him to the year 2500. In those days, the whole land became barren, lacking sources of food and water. However, technology has advanced greatly and humans live behind a huge wall in every city and village. Beyond the walls, zombies and monsters roamed in search of prey. Inevitably, Roki must go to the secret Laboratory in Horizon City to return to his time and change the destiny that will happen in the future.

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author: Tampan_Berani

genre: Sci-fi

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webnovel Senior High School 2021/12/16
webnovel Temporary house 2021/12/16
webnovel Last Time 2021/12/07
webnovel End Psychopath 2021/12/02
webnovel Old Men 2021/12/02
webnovel Carried by the wind 2021/12/01
webnovel Close the door 2021/11/28
webnovel Stone tent 2021/11/25
webnovel YM100 2021/11/25
webnovel Stone 2021/11/25
webnovel Jhon Luwis 2021/11/19
webnovel New days 2021/11/16
webnovel Girl in the dark 2021/11/16
webnovel Ninja Cyborg 2021/11/16
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