Genius phoenix: superstar wife


Am I dreaming again? Why am I standing here without any trace of my consciousness? This time I can’t endure this pain and lost again, I will get my revenge. Just wait me little longer, I am coming again. She was well known heiress of top 3 company of country, her intelligence in business was limitless, her parents loved her dearly but when she fall in love with wrong person everything turns to wrong way, her parents died tragic accident, her friends run away from her and her fiancé was main traitor. But what will happen when she wake up in other body and certain someone laid his eyes on her? this is her second life and second chance so she won’t waste it. She will turn this world upright down and reborn from ash and dust just like phoenix. She will become most powerful phoenix ever. **************************** "YOU PERVERT DO YOU WANT TO DIE” "if i would die in your hand then i will die happily but i have another plan, how about i live for you" he chuckled and kissed her forehead **************************** "perverted guy i think i miss you" "then wait me I'm on my way" "how? you are too far" she sighed disappointedly "silly open the door" he chuckled "did you call me SILLY?" "really did you only heard silly and didn't heard open the door? i'm standing front of your house open the door" she run to the door and saw really handsome figure, beautiful smile appeared on her face. **************************** "where are you? you said you won't leave me yet you are nowhere, stupid" tear rolled down to her cheek "phoenix's tear must be so expensive right? but it have a power to heal someone" she opened her eyes and saw her beloved "i'm just a human, i have a right to feel emotion" "yes indeed but very special human to me"

Associated Names

author: norika528

genre: Romance

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