When you were at the peak of your dreams. You fell on your feet, And have to start all over again. How do you get up again? Accumulates energy and confidence to be able to stand, walking and running. * * * Najma was devastated. She achieved the dream with great difficulty, Now disappeared in an instant. In sorrow, she ran away to a far place. In a far place, Najma meets Sayyid. The fragility of Najma caught Sayyid attention. Until Sayyid helps her to gets up again. A moment the two are together, and other feelings grow. Sayyid was doubtful, but his feeling were stronger that he thought. Then when this leg is able to run farther, the single most precious thing is taken from her.

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author: nromadhoniah

genre: Contemporary Romance

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webnovel TURQUOISE PAPER 2020/10/02
webnovel SHE WHO FELL 2020/10/02
webnovel HIDING PLACE 2020/09/20
webnovel AFTER THE STORM 2020/09/20