Four Lives.


Zhao Anhao, a simple yet fascinating girl who loves her family more than anything. She lives and breathes for them. What will happen when another person enters her life and her family. And comes to know about her secrets. ~Explicit. "Mama," called a baby girl in a childish and cute voice. Playing with her mother's hair the child said, "Mama, my mama is very beautiful." "Thank you, baby," replied Zhao Wei and hugged the child tightly in her arms. (*-^) "Hey, Are you blind or something?" Zhao Anhao said. "I'm talkin' to you. Who do you think you are? Didn't I insult you enough last time?" she added. But the man in front of her didn't even blink. He stared at her continuously and smiled like a fool. "Will you marry me?" he asked. "W-What?" stuttered Zhao Anhao. She ran away with a crimson face. The man watched her running away hiding her embarrassed face and chuckled. I don't own the cover.

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author: flyerHz

genre: Contemporary Romance

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