"hahahaha.....such a unlucky beauty you are!!....I think your faith revovles around me...always your love ends up in my hand " her friend said to her arrogantly. she was betrayed once again by her love .she was in shock how could her friend can do such a unbelievable thing ...she is not her actual bff...but she is from her friend circle and always treat her as a friend..her heart hurts ...but still has a hope ...he loves her .....then why ???? soo many questions ..she brought herself in reality and with tearful eyes she looked in the direction of her friend and said "ok....I will accept he loves you not me ....if he said so in front of me otherwise you may leave" she heard the fimilar footsteps and was sure that he is coming towards them ...her heartbeat was soo fast ...as if her heart was going to explode...she was nervous because of her mistakes and she knows well it effected both of them badly ... He opened the door and walked toward the table where he left his file ...and after taking the file he was about to leave but noticed fimilar smell , how he can neglects this smell...it always drives him crazy ..He stopped in his track and looked back ...and saw her ....her big bright eyes were now watery and red ...and her baby soft cheeks were red and on right side there was a mark of someones fingers ...his heart inched and was in pain to see her like this.

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author: Inaya12

genre: Romance

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