Flames and Roses: Let There Be Spring Again


"I love you, Ru Shi!" he quietly whispered into her from the back. Laughter bubbled inside Ru Shi which she failed to control. Soon, she was laughing hysterically holding on to her stomach. "Love? Haha." She laughed harder as she struggled to repeat his words. "Love." She repeated in a whisper as her eyes chilled down and a cold silence enveloped them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twinkling eyes and rosy cheeks, Her innocent smile brightens up his weeks. A caring daughter and a great friend, Her wedding he had to attend. Arranged to become someone else's wife, She ended up being bound to him for eternal life. He thought her to be a lamb in distress, Instead, she turned out to be a fiery lioness. For him, she was the synonym of love But all she was a mourning dove. All she wanted was to settle the score, But his love for her was what she couldn't ignore. All of it happened under our noses, For it was the saga of Flames and Roses! @a.m.pearl//Instagram ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join me in this journey of deceit, betrayal, violence, crime, mystery, and most importantly, love. This is the saga of Flames and Roses. TRIGGER WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE THEMES. READ ON YOUR OWN RISK. Join my discord server for discussions, games and more: https://discord.gg/nzwa6W6

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author: AMPearl

genre: Contemporary Romance

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