Histoire, a woman whose life is surrounded by many layers of irony, is part of the 30% of the general population that is known as ‘Étranges’. These are children who are born with strange yet accepted powers, and learn to live life in a normal way. In this world, despite many negative comments and opinions aimed at them, Étranges are allowed to live quite a normal life with rights protecting them from exploitation and evil organisations. They grow up to be Protectors, Étranges who use their powers to benefit the world, or work in normal day to day office jobs. While these powers are known throughout the world as ‘Gifts’, Histoire views hers as a curse. Because of this power, she has lost the love and respect of both family and friends, and lives an isolated life while trying to balance her tormenting past and a normal job.

Associated Names

author: Kuineru

genre: Contemporary Romance

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