Fated To You


Love always comes with a cost.. Sometimes the cost is so huge that one can't bear the loss!!! When Luna was reincarnated again as the daughter of a rich bussiness man with an aim to live her life without regrets this time, her fate destined her to meet Alex, who is the main reason of her painful scars from the past life that caused her to despise love forever.. However, Alex is a mysterious person who doesn't remember a single thing from their past life but tends to keep many secrets!! Will this fateful encounter succeed Luna in taking the revenge for her scars this time??? Or destiny have already planned something else to surprise them??? . . P.S- There is no adultery or any R-18 scenes. This is a pure story of love, revenge, mystery, heartbreak and a realistic fiction with which almost every reader can connect from heart. . Feel free into the romantic mystery of my story❤️❤️❤️

Associated Names

author: ShadowPrincess96

genre: Contemporary Romance

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