Everything is fair in love and war


One male lead and One female lead ### Warning Mature Content. Not all stories begin with a 'once upon a time.' And not all of them have a happy ending. "They are coming. Run... Zagan, Run." I didn't want to leave her behind. I swear I didn't want to but what could I do? I am very young and helpless. Everyone in my clan has been wiped off the surface of the earth except this woman, Leah whom I considered my mother. This war has been going on for decades and my survival has been a miracle, a miracle that might not last. A book based on a historical setting with a boy named Zagan and a girl named Titan. Both were born with the inability to speak. Zagan, who is the third prince of the Leo clan is forced out of his clan due to a war that was waged against the Lynx clan and is the only survivor of his clan. He never felt the love of his father because he was born with claws and was locked up in a tower for twelve years until the war cleared his entire clan leaving him as the only survivor. He then embarks on a journey that changed his life forever. Titan is a smart eight-year-old child from the Lynx clan, leaves her parents and goes beyond the mountains to fulfill her destiny. Subsequently, she realizes that she once lived amongst gods and Amora the god of love and beauty, her best friend poison her due to jealousy and ended her life leading to the loss of her life to fighting for justice. *** This cover is not mine.

Associated Names

author: May_lion

genre: History

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