Eternal Universe Online: From NEET to NPC


Astur Kojuuin, along with five others have been chosen by their family's ancestor, Akkre, to live in the world on a new game, Eternal Universe Online, or EUO, as a way to break their shut-in NEET status. Astur and the others are given NPC status and are tasked to pave the way for the game's story. Join Astur on her journey in this new world as she makes a name for herself and breaks out from her old shut-in lifestyle... at least that's how it should have gone if she weren't entirely motivated by her drive to live a lazy life. ________________________________ This story will see infrequent and unsteady updates until I finish my previous one, "Evolution of the God Slayer". Until then EUO is a project that is worked on in my spare time with no regular schedule. Once God Slayer finishes, EUO will become my main priority and receive regular updates.

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author: Akkre_Kojuuin

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