End of the Magic Era


The world that gave birth to the peak of magic civilization is about to be destroyed. The last survivor returned countless years in the past, that time was the birth of the magic civilization, countless mages were fumbling their ways on that thorny path. He, who cames from the end of the era, was treading toward the Supreme Throne

Associated Names

author: Zhuang Bifan

genre: Fantasy

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel Perfect Material 2022/01/04
webnovel Disciplining 2022/01/04
webnovel Mutual Destruction 2022/01/04
webnovel Velocity 2022/01/04
webnovel Another Deal 2022/01/04
webnovel Lilith 2022/01/01
webnovel World of Water 2021/12/31
webnovel Fortress 2021/12/31
webnovel Justified Victory 2021/12/31
webnovel Surprising Winner 2021/12/31
webnovel Contest 2021/12/31
webnovel Leviathan 2021/12/28
webnovel Meeting 2021/12/28
webnovel More Partners 2021/12/28
webnovel Plane of the Undead 2021/12/28
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