ENCHANTED ACADEMY: the long lost princess


I'm a simple girl but full of hate. They are playing me, bullying me and I don't have any friends. I am just hoping with someday. Someday that is different from my living hell. But what if this someday leads me to the truth I've been waiting for? The truth where begins in ENCHANTED ACADEMY.

Associated Names

author: Bwi_laber

genre: Fantasy Romance

 Latest Release
Group Release Time
webnovel EA 6: Friends 2020/10/02
webnovel EA 5: Thank you 2020/10/02
webnovel EA 4: Enchanted Academy 2020/10/02
webnovel EA 3: Special 2020/10/02
webnovel EA 2: Magic 2020/10/02
webnovel EA 1: Someday 2020/10/02
webnovel Prologue 2020/10/02